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And starting today, you’ll be able to livestream your sessions.Facebook also announced today that games such as Rovio Entertainment’s Angry Birds will be joining the Instant Games platform next year, along with integrated video chat in multiplayer games starting with Zynga’s Words with Friends.Basically, at the top left hand corner, we show that there are likes and reactions and emojis coming in, but we don’t actually send them across the screen.” Though Facebook doesn’t have specific plans to court broadcasters who are livestreaming on platforms like Twitch, Olebe says that it’s not a stretch to think that influencers may want to give it a spin to create a social gaming experience with their audience. But fundamentally, sharing the games you love with the people [who] you care about is, first and foremost—if somebody has a community, whether that’s five or 10 or a thousand people, ten thousand, a million, they’re sharing the games they love with the people they care about, which is their community.” Next year, Instant Games will be adding Angry Birds along with Sega’s Sonic Jump, Disney’s Tsum Tsum, and a new version of Gung Ho Online’s Puzzles & Dragons.“I absolutely believe that the streaming community, the influencer community, will have the opportunity to see this as something they want to pick up on,” said Olebe. It will also roll out a multiplayer mode with video on Messenger, which Facebook reports 245 million people use to make video calls every month.Upcycle any old piece of unused hardware or spare parts to build a friendly little robot, bursting with geeky, goofy personality—a little bit like its maker? Seriously go follow https://chaturbate.com/lexspectrum/I need your organic numbers and not the insane number of bots this room has accrued.Once you go offline, it stays posted so that folks who missed it can still re-watch it.Though people will be able to like and comment on the broadcast, you won’t see any emoji floating across the screen as you do in live event streams.

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“In between having a pretty amazing year of going from just an idea to a stable, viable, expanding platform that’s full of fun to getting some pretty big and exciting games on the platform, launching new features like live streaming, as well as group video gameplay—it’s been a lot of fun,” said Olebe.

It takes imagination to look at a motley pile of familiar hardware—nuts, bolts, screws, and the like—and see a loveable robot.

What's awesome about these three kits is that the creativity doesn't stop there.

Each comes with detailed instructions for making three adorable robot characters from high-quality steel, non-toxic, painted parts. From there, the kits are designed to be used as springboards for your own homemade creations.

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