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I ask Allah Almighty to protect us and you from errors and from all that displeases him.

On the way back he had a headache, his temperature rose so high that the heat effect could be felt over his headband.

This is a lecture which I delivered in the city of Doha, the capital of Qatar, in the blessed month of Ramadhan 1392H.

Some of my friends have suggested to me to publish my lecture on account of need of the Muslims to a work of its kind.

It is self-evident that a man well-informed of the and deduce the rules from it than one who is ignorant of it.

How can it be a source to one who does not reckon it and does not make reference to it?

When his sickness grew severe he asked his wives: They understood what he wanted. He moved to 'A'ishah's room leaning - while he was walking - on al-Fadl ibn al-'Abbas and 'Ali ibn Abi Talib.

Head banded as he was, he dragged his feet till he came into her abode.

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This is a safeguard for them, so that they won't fall right or left; and that they won't fall back in error as explained by the Prophet, unless it is well-attested.But I have explained it clearly in the above mentioned chain [8].It would suffice now to mention that the Commander of the Believers in the ).Books of Jurisprudence, which they refer to, are normally filled with traditions which are not well-attested, nor have any bases, as is well-known to the learned.I have begun an important project, and I think it will be of use to those occupied with Jurisprudence, and I will name it , with an explanation of its special nature and character and reliance on them. Before I conclude my talk, I think I must direct the attention of brethren present to a well known As for the weakness of its 'isnad,' there is no scope for its explanation now.

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