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Peter exchanges the film reel for Lois on the top of Mount Rushmore.

As they are about to leave, Gibson discovers that Peter has replaced the film with dog feces, leading to a chase.

Murphy and the orchestra recorded an arrangement of Bernard Herrmann's score from North by Northwest, a film referenced multiple times in the episode.

Fox had ordered five episode scripts at the end of the third season; these episodes had been written but not produced.

One of these scripts was adapted into "North by North Quahog".

The original script featured Star Wars character Boba Fett, and later actor, writer and producer Aaron Spelling, but the release of the iconic film The Passion of the Christ inspired the writers to incorporate Mel Gibson into the episode.

Family Guy had been canceled in 2002 due to low ratings, but was revived by Fox after reruns on Adult Swim became the network's most-watched program, and more than three million DVDs of the show were sold.

However, it's what happened next, that shocked the hunters.

Moments later, the raccoon runs out of the door of the blind and leaps over the ledge.

The raccoon then flies through the air as the man on the ground shrieks.

This gave the Family Guy writers pause, fearing accusations "[...] that we had ripped them off."Realizing their marriage has lost its spice because of Lois calling several male actors' names while having sex, Peter and Lois go on a second honeymoon, and leave Brian in charge of the kids.

On their way over, Peter accidentally crashes the car, and he decides to pose as actor Mel Gibson so he and Lois can stay in his luxury hotel suite.

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