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After analyzing 462 self-reported stories posted to the anonymous online platform AThin, Thomas found that teen girls who were asked to send nude photographs felt “overwhelmed, confused, tired, bombarded” and trapped between the conflicting pressure of saying both yes and no.

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Giorgos Eleftheriou, a community leader in Rhodes who performed the Lunns' wedding ceremony, said brides-to-be had called him in tears after their plans were ruined.She also admitted to having intercourse with the other student, the warrant states.Detectives arrested Marx at the end of her interview, and the Dayton Daily News reported that she was physically removed from the school.A TUI UK spokesman said: “Following a recent decision by the senior bishop for the island of Rhodes in regard to weddings at St Paul’s Bay, we are contacting affected couples directly to discuss their options.“While the situation is beyond our control, we understand how important and distressing this is to our customers with weddings already booked." Ms Lunn, 34, was said to be "mortified" at the consequences of the picture, which she and her husband agreed to pose for as a joke.

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