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Are you looking no strings attached relationship with girls/women? A mini Miranda is probably more accurate - I have the clumsiness, the loudness, the no filter and the whole bursting into song but taking it a tad too far business going on. Huge fan of Marvel, Harry Potter, Jack the Ripper, Forensic Science, Criminology, horror movies...

Well that is certainly true, judging by all the activity going on in this site! I just wanted to drop you a line to say how much fun Im having on your site.

My hobbies include drawing, writing, photography, reading, singing, theatre, animal care and just generally geeking out Hi, I am Karen, this is a first for me but does not mean I am disingenuous. I am very easy going and humorous, in fact laughing at my rubbish jokes and bantering is a must! I’m pretty comfortable in my own skin and with my eclectic assortment of likes and interests.

I work with young people who face all sorts of challenges and I’m passionate about helping and caring for people.

When we set up our first dating site (, it soon became clear that we weren't being sensitive enough to people's lifestyles.

We were in danger of becoming like the larger sites, thinking that "one size could fit all".

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