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These had to pursue their pleasure in their own home. In one tomb picture a woman is seen vomitting, in Pahery's tomb at el Kab a man is depicted saying Royalty did it too, at least in the eyes of a student learning how to draw: A drawing on limestone shows a New Kingdom king with what seems to be a six o'clock shadow, looking much the worse for wear.

Pharaoh wearing the Blue Crown His not having shaved may denote that he was in mourning.

The purification rites priests had to undergo before entering their temple point to there having been a taboo on sex in sacred grounds.

While there were many depictions of the act of creation by sex or self-impregnation, in Egypt, not like in some Middle Eastern countries, there was apparently no 'temple prostitution' As concerns any person entering this tomb, having eaten something abominable abominable to the akh-spirit, and having slept with a woman, I shall have him judged before the tribunal of the dead before the great god.

If this passage is translated correctly, then paedophilia was apparently not evil by itself.

At any rate, given the nature of the (human) beast, one ought to expect individuals to have existed in ancient Egypt, who were sexually attracted to pre-pubescent children, and the dearth of records referring to it, may be a clue to the attitude of grown-up Egyptians towards paedophilia.

If only you realized that wine is a thing of the devil...

On the other hand this was seemingly a student's drawing, with all the puerile humour that entails. Easy He drank a great amount of wine, for the pharaoh had a desire for the Egyptian qlbj-wine.

That night the pharaoh lay down to rest by the shore of the lake. In the morning the pharaoh could not rise because of his great hang-over.

It is often unclear whether a word refers to rape or to adultery.

Rape, if that is what Ptahhotep refers to, was not acceptable, any opposition to having intercourse should be respected.

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