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'The nuns taught us that we should preserve our virginity until marriage and that the fashion for having sex outside marriage was not how it should be. 'We'd have the occasional disco at school where the boys from the local public school would be invited along and there'd be a smattering of nuns at the back to make sure everyone behaved themselves. I was happy with the decision I'd made at 11 and saw no reason to go against it.

'We'd all get chatting and I'd be pleasant and polite, but I didn't flirt with them. 'I found that celibacy was a natural and acceptable state for me to adopt. I felt as though I were the keeper of a secret - a special something that would keep me safe and protect me throughout life.' Listening to Charlotte talk about her childhood does make one wonder whether her decision was motivated in part by a desire to protect herself from emotional pain - a metaphorical chastity belt worn as a barrier against heartache. 'Some people have suggested that I'm hiding behind celibacy to avoid pain, but I'm not.

People find it hard to accept, but being celibate suits me.But it's a lot to take on and it does put a man off if he thinks that sex isn't a possibility.'I can't think of one particular example, but the usual reaction is "Hmmm, that's interesting" and I know that's it, I won't be seeing them again.Charlotte Baird's family are perplexed and bemused.They cannot fathom why on earth she is so determined to remain chaste until the day she marries.

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