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Recent data shows a 40 percent increase in lead-poisoned children in the 49507 zip code during the past two years.

This Grand Rapids neighborhood leads the state in numbers of lead-poisoned children.

She was joined by other parent-facilitators, including Shirley Jones, a Grand Rapids parent and grandparent.

“Hearing the stories of families affected by lead – especially that 49507 leads the state for most lead-poisoned children – piqued my interest and I wanted to get involved and talk to parents about prevention.

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6, 2017 – When Grand Rapids resident Ly Ree Adams’ young daughter tested positive for lead a decade ago, she later learned the poisoning likely occurred from lead-based paint flaking from windows in the home she was renting.

She immediately got appropriate medical care for her daughter before the child was permanently harmed – and Adams also went directly to her landlord and worked with him to get the lead hazard out of the home.

Held on the heels of the national Lead Poisoning Prevention Week, the event brought together about 40 parents and Healthy Homes Coalition of West Michigan representatives plus Kent County Commissioner Robert S. Representatives from Home Repair Service, the Kent County Health Department and Legal Aid also attended.

“We need to hear from the community – and especially the parents – about how lead exposure can be prevented in the first place,” Haan said.

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