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I’m going to do it at goodwill and get some free stuff to make some money on my parents also made me quit my job at the bowling alley.

so im making some money selling stuff on craigslist and other places to random people and i start to buy some weed gettin bubba kush and all this good shit smoking like a fuckin boss again now i got a joint rolling machine and free papers so im good at this now and when i smoke i just fucking forget the shit is even in plane sight and when im sober i think of all the great spots to hide this stuff at but it just lapses my judgement and my probation officer finally decides to piss test me and i just smoked that day at lunch and i already know im not going to pass and he asks me is this one going to be clean and i told his ass the truth no this isn’t so sure enough it isn’t comes back hot for opiates and thc i had my toenail removed because it was ingrown and they gave me tynol 3 which was baller status with weed haha so my mom finds out and gets onto me i said i stopped doing it and haven’t since then but i really sometime just have the urge to smoke weed cuz it would be fucking fun but i have a question for everyone what would be a job that you can have and make decent money and smoke weed??

then my mom tell me to come into my room and asks me (as she is tearing up) is there any more i can’t even believe that you would do this.

blah blah blah rite so i still have the cellphone and she keeps asking me who i got it from.

Perhaps it was a mini meltdown (or, let’s be honest, a full blown breakdown) but my mother-in-law was taking over my day and I didn’t know how to stop it. I was going to learn how to stand up to my monster, things were going to change and I would take charge of my life. He acknowledged that his mother had been controlling us, her behaviour towards me was unacceptable and he was going to be the one to deal with it.

Comments made to her son in front of me included: “You’re not shaving enough.Until my sister said: “That woman is going to outlive us all and you’re going to die of an ulcer.” It was harsh but true. To know that he was going to take care of the whole bloody mess was one of the most relieving experiences I’ve had in my life.It also made him feel stronger and more in charge and our relationship thrived.I discovered my mother-in-law was actually a monster-in-law at my first dinner with the family.She placed a beautiful plate of food in front of me and said: “Don’t think I did this for you.

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