Single lauterbach

They provide seamless connection between the PC's USB port and the microcontroller's UART port and work efficiently together with FLOAD (part of DAVEBENCH).Applications: With 35 years experience in micrcontroller designs, Hitex offers development tools and development services in HW, SW and testing for Infineon microcontrollers.

softgate has extensive knowledge in Infineon 8-bit, 16-bit controllers and in Tri Core™ architecture. has earned its reputation as a Shenzhen New Hi-tech Enterprise.We specialize in offering professional R&D program to satisfy specific demands from our customers with complete service and support.e Syslogic has extensive knowledge in Infineon 8 and 16 bit MCU coupled with in-depth know-how in application systems providing full turnkey solution to customers.e Syslogic can provide solutions with Infineon MCUs for the following application areas: capacitive touch control board, miniature beauty and healthcare product, ultrasonic slim fit gadget, portable toll gate reader with DVR, wireless charger etc.

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